This year (MojaveRobotics2006), we started with about 16 students. The stress of build season has whittled the team down to about 12 hardy souls. We have seven 2-year participants, and 4 first-years.

Team Positions
The Captain is responsible for a team meeting 2x per week during build season, and as required during off season, but no less than once per month. Each of the individual positions below will have 5 minutes to brief the status of their section. What is done. What needs to be done. What help they need. What problems they forsee.

Logistician Officer - Who's tools we're borrowinog, where they're at. Running list of what tools we need. Prepares deployment checklists and ensures necessay tools and material are packed. Ensures all shipping and content restrictions from the current edition of the Game Players Handbook are met. Builds a shipping crate for each year's robot. Ensures transportation is either procured or coordinated for every trip.

Treasurer - Keeps the books. During build season, reports expenditures, balance, and expected competition costs each week.

Captain - Removed from day-to-day activities. Probably doesn't glue, drilll or machine robot. Ensures all other activities are up to par and on schedule.

Secretary - Leads the weekly 1/2 hour brief starting each week during build season.

Safety Officer - Ensures all game safety rules will be met, and all activities are conducted in a safe manner.

CAD Officer - Documents all design decisions, and creates alternative ideas for team members to review and consider. Creates a documentation binder for each year's robot.

Computer Officer - This is not a "build" position, but rather someone responsible for all computer equipment and programs. During public events, works closely with the Public Relations and Marketing to ensure the right equipment is in the right place for slide show presentations. Provides a laptop tothe CAD Officer and System Programmer. Tracks hardware and software versions, and ensure they all work together. Arranges to have internet connectivity at all required locations. Knows or learns about Windows, Linux, and Networks.

Build Lead - Mechanics

Build Lead - Programming

Build Lead - Sytem Engineering - Track all characteristics of robot design to ensure it will meet functional requirements, and safety requirements, and game play requirements. Weight of robot, Power budget and battery characteristics. Pnuematics capability, Component lifetime. Creates a schedule for construction activity, updated and briefed at least 2x per week during build season (Jan 1 through the week after shipping).

Team Members 2005

Karen T
My name is Karen and I am this year's team Captain. I enjoy piña coladas and long walks on the beach. (j/k) I am a senior in high school, and this is my second year as a member of Mojave Robotics.

Tori M
My name is Tori and I am a senior attending Mojave High School. Last year, I worked on marketing for my team. This year, I'm more focused on fabrication and I also serve as the team's Secretary.

Krystell J
My name is Krystell and I am a senior and this is my second year in Robotics. I am team treasurer.

Elliot M
My name is Elliot and I am a senior at Mojave High School. I work on the robot construction team.

Ronnie H
My name is Ronnie. This is my second year on the team. I am a sophomore. I am in “CAD”.

Chris S
I am Chris S. This is my second year on our robotics team. I am the team's programmer, and I do work with the electrical.

Ethan D
My name is Ethan. I am a freshman this year. I'm learning about programming so I can do it next year. I help when help is needed. While I'm not helping, I'm practicing my programming.

Travis P
I am Travis P. This is also my second year on the MHS Robotics Team. I am the junior programmer and I am on the build team.

I am Coty S. One of the freshman this is my first year in robotics. I am in CAD, and I help build.



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