Here is how MySQL stores files. First, is the overall directory, which includes a number of extra files plus the three databases "blog-axp", "mysql", and "test".

[root@axp mysql]# du -h *
272K blog-axp
11M ibdata1
5.1M ib_logfile0
5.1M ib_logfile1
488K mysql
0 mysql.sock
4.0K test
4.0K tmp

Then, dive deeper into the blog database, itself:

[root@axp mysql]# cd blog-axp
[root@axp blog-axp]# pwd

And you'll see that this database consists of 2-3 dozen files:

[root@axp blog-axp]# du -h *
4.0K db.opt
4.0K junk-backme-up.txt
12K wp_categories.frm
4.0K wp_categories.MYD
4.0K wp_categories.MYI
12K wp_comments.frm
4.0K wp_comments.MYD
4.0K wp_comments.MYI
12K wp_linkcategories.frm
4.0K wp_linkcategories.MYD
4.0K wp_linkcategories.MYI
12K wp_links.frm
4.0K wp_links.MYD
4.0K wp_links.MYI
12K wp_options.frm
4.0K wp_options.MYD
8.0K wp_options.MYI
12K wp_post2cat.frm
4.0K wp_post2cat.MYD
4.0K wp_post2cat.MYI
12K wp_postmeta.frm
0 wp_postmeta.MYD
4.0K wp_postmeta.MYI
12K wp_posts.frm
80K wp_posts.MYD
8.0K wp_posts.MYI
12K wp_users.frm
4.0K wp_users.MYD
4.0K wp_users.MYI
[root@axp blog-axp]#

more later..

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